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A press release, video release, press statement, media release, news release, recorded or written communication directed at members of news media for purpose of announcing ostensibly. These are faxed, emailed to the assigned journalists and editors at newspapers, television networks, television stations, online media, radio stations, magazines.

We follow below important factors for press release.

1. Focus on clean and good writing: Good, Clean and Readability factor tops the list. Our NETTYCOONS team focus on this factor very seriously because a visitor will only stay on website if he/she will like the material written in press. Engaging more users on website helps to get rank on Google.

2. Headlines and Sub headlines : Headlines for press releases are like headlines of a blog post, it should draw a reader in and invite to read more.

3. Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks help to optimize press release using key words.

Benefits of Press Release - Increase Sales Potential
- Increase Traffic on Website
- New Opportunity to Reach Targeted Audience
- Perfect Occasion to Distribute Content Across Different Channels
- Help to build Solid Relationship with Journalists
- Cost-Effective Method to Attract Investors

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